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Thank you for your interest in helping grow our mission by becoming a Location Coordinator. Before registering a location, you must first check with the cemetery to make sure that they will allow it. Once you have their permission, please complete and submit the Location Sign-up Form below and have your contact at the cemetery fill out the Contact at Location Approval form, available here.

As Location Coordinator, you will be responsible for communicating with headquarters on planning and delivery logistics, and with the cemetery’s director to coordinate the location’s wreath-laying ceremony. You will also need to coordinate with any fundraising groups that sign up to sponsor wreaths for your location, as well as any individuals that want to participate and include them in the wreath-laying ceremony. Organizing the ceremony is also the responsibility of the Location Coordinator, as well as the clean-up of the wreaths after a reasonable amount of time or the time designated by the cemetery.

**Please note: This does not automatically register you for fundraising. If you wish to become a fundraising group to receive the $5 back option or the 3 for 2 option please click here.


Location Sign-up Form

If you would like to sign up to be a Location Coordinator, you must agree to the Participation Agreement and complete the Location Sign-up Form below. If you would prefer to print and email, fax, or mail in the necessary forms, please click here.

Location's Complete Address *
Location's Complete Address
If you are reinstating this location for participation please enter your Location ID here. If this is a new location that has never participated please put N/A in this field.
Location Coordinator Name *
Location Coordinator Name
The Location Coordinator is the person who is responsible for organizing the ceremony and may or may not work at the cemetery. Both phone and email are required for office use. Both will be listed online for people to contact you with questions about participating at your location, if you prefer one of the methods be kept private please just note which one.
Phone Number *
Phone Number
Please make sure we have a number where you can be reached for any wreath delivery questions. If a driver has questions about your delivery and cannot get in touch with you he/she may not be able to deliver your wreaths.
Location Coordinator Mailing Address *
Location Coordinator Mailing Address
This is just to let us know if you are representing another organization like Civil Air Patrol, American Legion, Gold Star Mothers, etc.
Will your location be placing more than just the 7 Ceremonial wreaths? *
Shipping Address for Wreaths (if delivered UPS or FedEx) *
Shipping Address for Wreaths (if delivered UPS or FedEx)
Please note: When being delivered by UPS or FedEx, they will not call prior so this needs to be an address that can be delivered to anytime without notice. Please also include the complete address. Wreaths cannot be shipped to PO Box addresses.
Shipping Address for Wreaths (if delivered by 18-wheeler) *
Shipping Address for Wreaths (if delivered by 18-wheeler)
Please note: This needs to be an address accessible by an 18 wheeler, and keep in mind we cannot guarantee when the wreaths will be delivered so this needs to be accessible at any time. The driver will be told to contact you prior to delivery with an estimated time of arrival (we cannot guarantee how much notice they will give), it is your responsibility as the location coordinator to have volunteers lined up to unload the wreaths, it is not the responsibility of the driver to unload the truck.
Please note if you enter phrases like "all of them" or "as many as you can send" you will be contacted for specific information. You MUST enter a NUMBER for the number you will accept. If more than the number of graves at your location you must provide an explanation of what will be done with the wreaths.
If you receive more than your limit, what do you want done with the extra wreaths? *
Is your location willing to accept grave-specific requests? *
Our office does not handle any grave specific requests and anyone requesting one is told to contact the location coordinator, so you are responsible for keeping track of those. *By agreeing to take grave-specific requests, you are agreeing to take all grave specific requests regardless of whether they use a coordinating Group ID or not, and that you will be responsible for keeping track of all requests.*
By checking the box, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the responsibilities as described in the Participation Agreement for Location Coordinators and all Wreaths Across America policies. *

Downloadable Forms

You may also download and print the forms, and then fax or mail them in. Download just the ones you need, or click the button to save them all as a .zip folder.

You can submit the forms in the following ways:

Fax: 1-866-956-1625
Mail: PO Box 249, Columbia Falls, ME 04623