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Thank you for your group's interest in raising funds to sponsor wreaths to help us remember and honor veterans laid to rest all over the country. We will return $5 of every $15 wreath sponsorship you raise to support your organization—or, if your group wishes to only sponsor wreaths and not receive any money back, our “3-for-2 Program” is a perfect fit—for every two wreaths sponsored, a third wreath will be placed at the location your group chooses to support.

  • Select a cemetery you will raise funds for. It could be Arlington National Cemetery, or a cemetery in your state or local community. A list of participating locations, along with ID numbers, can be found on our web site.
  • You must register with Wreaths Across America office by completing the Group Fundraising Registration Form below before you begin fundraising.
  • You will be assigned a Group ID number. It is important to include this information on all donations remitted to us along with the participating Location ID number you are sponsoring.
  • You will need a Group Leader. The group leader is responsible for passing along all information and communications from WAA to the rest of the fundraising group, for being the main point of contact for WAA, and for ensuring remittances are made at least every two weeks.
  • Read the WAA Reference Guide to get ideas on how to raise funds.
  • Wreaths Across America™ wreath sponsorships are $15 per wreath.
  • Funds are collected by each participating group. $5 of each $15 will be returned to the registered fundraising group on a 30-day reimbursement cycle.
  • After you complete the below registration and your group has been processed you will receive a welcome email from WAA HQ providing you with your Group ID number and important information about fundraising for WAA.

Please note: This form is to register your fundraising group only, and does not automatically register your location/cemetery for participation. If you have a new location you would like to register for participation, please click here.

Fundraising Group Registration Form

You must read the policies for WAA Fundraising Groups here before filling in the form below, as you will be asked if you agree to those policies in order to register your group.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for processing before you contact the office about your registration. This is a manual process, not automated.

(type N/A if not applicable)
Has your group participated in our fundraising program before? *
If YES, what was the previous group leader's name? (If N/A, you must leave fields blank)
If YES, what was the previous group leader's name? (If N/A, you must leave fields blank)
(LEAVE BLANK if not applicable)
(type N/A if not applicable)
Contact's Name *
Contact's Name
Please do not use the name of your business or group—we need a contact name to process.
Contact's Mailing Address *
Contact's Mailing Address
All fields, including Country, MUST be filled out in order for the form to submit properly.
Contact's Home Phone *
Contact's Home Phone
Contact's Alternate Phone
Contact's Alternate Phone
Fundraising Status Choice *
Please choose only one option.
If you have elected the 3-for-2 Program option, please type N/A.
Please use the correct name from our Locations page at If you do not select a participating location to sponsor, your sponsorship wreaths will be put in the General Fund and placed at a cemetery of our choosing. You may enter more than one location on this form if your group wishes to support multiple locations.
The Location ID can be found on our Locations page at If this is a new location that has not been processed, please type "NEW" in this field. You may enter more than one location on this form if your group wishes to support multiple locations.
90-Day Check Cashing Policy: *
Wreaths Across America (WAA) pays $5 to the fundraising organization for each wreath sold if the group elects this program (not applicable for the 3-for-2 Program). We strive to make checks available within ten days after we receive your wreath sponsorships. All checks need to be cashed within 90 days of issuance or they will be considered a donation to Wreaths Across America.
Is your group part of a non-profit organization? *
Example: 501(c)(3)
Do you agree to the terms/policies of Wreaths Across America? *
You may view the Policy Guide linked below.

Downloadable Fundraising Forms

Necessary Forms

Please download and fill out the following forms. Make sure to use the Group ID that has been assigned to your Fundraising group.


Additional Information

See the following for additional information that will help you in your fundraising efforts.