Fundraising FAQ’s


Do you accept grave specific requests?

We do not accept grave specific requests through the Wreaths Across America™ office. If you are really interested in a grave specific request, we can put you in touch with the Location Leader so that you can make your request.

When should I send in my sponsorship money?

Sponsorship money should be sent in at least every two weeks throughout the year. It is important that you begin your fundraising early in the year. Some of our groups start their fundraising right on the heels of the ceremony and they do a really good job throughout the months of December and January gathering those funds while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds.

When will my group get our fundraising portion back?

Wreaths Across America™ tries to process all funds within a 2 week period. In order to do this and stay current, we need you to send your funds AT LEAST every two weeks. This makes it easier for us to regularly process funds through our office.

When is the cutoff date for turning in sponsorships?

The cutoff date is the Monday following Thanksgiving each year. If your group has special circumstances we ask that you communicate regularly with the WAA office. If you are sending your money in every two weeks it will make it easier to keep track of your funds.

Where can I get a sponsorship form?

Once you become a fundraising group you will receive a welcome email from our office which will contain the current fundraising forms as well as your group ID number and information about fundraising for WAA.

The Cemetery that I want to sponsor is listed as a “Ceremonial Only” but I want to see they get sponsored memorial wreaths as well. What do I do?

Please contact the office and we will help you work with the location leader to get wreaths placed at your chosen location.


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