Location FAQ’s


Who should I invite to a ceremony?

As Location Leader it is important to involve as many people in your community as possible. You should get in touch with local veterans organizations and seek suggestions. There are some organizations that include fly overs, processions with Patriot Guard Riders, color guards, etc. Please reach out to schools and other organizations in your community. You can make the ceremony as large as you wish. All we ask is that your ceremony be open to everyone and remain non-political and non-denominational.

Why are the ceremonies held at 12 noon EST?

The reason the ceremonies are held at this time is to coincide with the laying of the wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. This tradition dates back to 1992. The placement of the sponsorship wreaths can either take place prior to or following the ceremony, but the laying of the ceremonial wreaths takes place at 12 noon EST to coincide with the ceremony at Arlington. One thing that makes the Wreaths Across America ceremony special is that we have roughly 850 ceremonies taking place nationally and overseas that hold a moment of silence all at the same time. Bringing everyone together during one of the busiest times of year to take that moment of silence to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy is one of the things that make this a very unique and powerful program.

Are the ceremonies limited to National and State cemeteries or can I sign up my local cemetery for participation?

Wreaths Across America™ ceremonies can be held anywhere you would like to have a display of wreaths to honor veterans. We have participating monuments, parks, national and state cemeteries, community cemeteries and schools. Worcester Wreath Company provides the 7 ceremonial wreaths for those who are having ceremonies. We will work with any community to honor their community’s veterans in whatever way they see fit and we are open to new ideas. 2009 was the first year we held a ceremony at sea and the new tradition continues.

What are the “Ceremonial Wreaths” and how much do they cost?

Ceremonial wreaths are donated to anyone who registers to host a ceremony and are donated by the Worcester Wreath Company in Harrington ME. The ceremonial wreaths represent each branch of the military service including the POW/MIA and Merchant Marines. Each wreath is decorated with a red bow, an American Flag and a service flag to represent a branch of service (one wreath per branch).

Is there a pre-written ceremony or guideline?

Wreaths Across America™ has included a sample ceremony in our Reference Guide. This is simply a guideline and we ask that you make it fit your location for your ceremony. We only require that your ceremony remain open to all, and non-political and non-denominational.

What if I want to give an award to someone in my community in recognition of their help with the WAA project?

If you contact the WAA office we will be happy to help you recognize those who have made a special effort with your local project. Please share your stories with us.

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