Roll Call

A new initiative to honor our veterans from Wreaths Across America

Millions of volunteers in thousands of cemeteries all over the world participate in Wreaths Across America Day each December. Wreaths Across America encourages every volunteer who places a wreath on a veteran's grave to say that veteran's name aloud and take a moment to thank them for their service to our country. You've heard us say their names, but now it's time to learn their stories.

What is Roll Call?

The Last Roll Call has ancient origins on the battlefield and is a poignant tribute to heroes who can no longer answer for themselves. Roll Call by Wreaths Across America is bringing this tradition into a modern framework and creating a lasting memorial for all veterans.

This new project will allow anyone, anywhere, to Remember, Honor and Teach the stories that have shaped history and furthered the cause of freedom around the world. 

In many cases, we're simply running out of time to capture the legacies of our national heroes. Roll Call will not only preserve their stories, but will serve as an inspiration in teaching future generations about American ideals of freedom, democracy, service and sacrifice. Roll Call will tell the stories of the millions of veterans who have served since the dawn of our country, but who never appear on television or grace the covers of glossy magazines. These are the records of men & women who have volunteered their lives in exemplifying the familiar refrain "who more than self their country loved." Haven't you ever wondered who they are, where they've been, and what they've seen? Now is the time to ensure that we safeguard these stories.

How will we accomplish this?

Our vision in this project is to create a truly unique experience that has never been done before. Roll Call will involve our entire community of supporters in creating profiles of any veteran, living or deceased, as a dynamic memorial. Each profile will contain a biography, images & videos, a timeline of service, and interactive flyover maps that show where their paths have intersected with some of the most prolific moments in history. Profiles will connect veterans with comrades-in-arms who were present at the same major events, stationed in the same places and attended the same schools throughout history. Once the site is funded and built, all features of these profiles will be free of charge and hosted on the Wreaths Across America website. Visitors to the Roll Call pages will be able to add comments, tell stories or offer prayers, that will become a permanent part of each veteran's story.

Flyover maps will provide a unique perspective on where, how and when our heroes have left the footprints of freedom around the world.

Why is this so important?

Our history books provide a black and white outline of the battles, achievements and victories that have formed our nation and promoted liberty and democracy the world over. Roll Call will color in those lines with never before seen vibrancy, by telling the stories of the men & women who have actually been on the front lines of that fight. This living, visual, interactive memorial will allow a grateful nation to honor them indefinitely and teach future generations about their sacrifice. 

How can you answer the call?

How can we achieve all of this? Only with your support. Building profiles on Roll Call will be free to anyone who wants to honor our veterans, but we need your help to build this technology on our website. That’s why we’re asking you to consider donating just $25, $50, $75, or more, in order to help us achieve this mission and not just honor our veterans, but preserve their stories.  While building a profile for a veteran will be free, you can help us make Roll Call a reality by underwriting the features that will bring their stories to life and educate future generations, before these stories are lost forever.

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