It's tall, straight, and rugged and will yield fresh evergreen brush to make remembrance wreaths to honor our veterans at Arlington National Cemetery, and over a thousand other locations throughout the nation.

The balsam fir trees, lovingly grown and nurtured by Wreaths Across America Founder Morrill Worcester, can be selected by families as "their" tree upon which to hang replica dog tags in memory of their fallen loved ones. That tree will be tipped every three years for the brush that will make up the ten symbolic bouquets on the wreaths.

During the Stem to Stone Tree Tagging Event, several special guests joined us for a tour of the tip land where panoramic views of the area reveal thousands of acres of balsam fir trees with a variety of monuments in various locations.

One of those guests was Holocaust survivor Luna Kaufman, 90, who Wreaths Across America met in 2015 during our wreath presentation at the Liberation Monument in Liberty State Park, New Jersey.

Luna was able to share the significance of the Liberation Monument during the ceremony in which she tagged the Liberator Tree with replica dog tags in honor of her liberators and family members who died in Nazi concentration camps during World War II.

The Wreaths Across America Museum is honored to display some of the artifacts entrusted to us and will continue to work with Luna to document the history.



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