The State of Maine is the birthplace of many great men chronicled throughout history as individuals of honor and integrity who have given back to their state and nation.

This story is about two men and a medal of distinction; Wreaths Across America Founder Morrill Worcester and the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Medal.

The award, according to the Grand Lodge of Maine website, is given to a Mason, or non-Mason who, "best exemplifies the characteristics of leadership, citizenship, honor and integrity, as repeatedly demonstrated by that great Maine man and Mason, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. It was presented recently to Morrill Worcester in a ceremony at WAA Headquarters in Columbia Falls, Maine.

Dean McGray, District Deputy Grand Master for District III, tells us the ceremony included the presentation by Grand Master of Maine, Thomas Pulkkinen with guests including the Mason youth groups, Rainbow Girls, and DeMolay Boys.

"This year the DeMolay Boys presented a check for ten thousand dollars to Wreaths Across America as a down payment, explains McGray. "Last year they donated fifteen-thousand, and they assured us there would be more."

The Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Medal is not given every year but rather when an appropriate individual is identified, and for 2015 that was Morrill Worcester. This is a list of some past recipients from their website:

1998 Senator George Mitchell by MW Brian Paradis
2006 Bro. Harold Alfond by MW Gerald S. Leighton
2007 RW R. Timothy Martel by MW Gerald S. Leighton
2011 RW Charles Plummer by MW W. Louis Greenier, II
2012 MW Walter Macdougall by MW W. Louis Greenier, II
2013 MW Charles Ridlon by MW A. James Ross
2014 MW Gerald Leighton by MW A. James Ross

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