In keeping with Wreaths Across America's mission objective to teach, we'd like to let you know about a unique opportunity to support a musical living history program coming up in November.

The Westpoint Alumni Glee Club is presenting a Veteran's Musical Journey Through History with Johnny Vet Freedom Isn't Free.

Johnny Vet: Freedom Isn’t Free is a dynamic and inspirational musical journey of the men and women who have fought the nation’s wars and how those same men and women, as veterans, have helped to shape the nation and its destiny.

Powerful narration and compelling images set to musical compositions featuring the renowned West Point Alumni Glee Club along with special guests will take the audience from the start of Johnny Vet’s journey with “the shot heard round the world” in 1775 to the present day era of the Global War on Terror.

Through original scores and popular songs of each era, Johnny Vet explores the true nature of these heroes in our midst: Who they are, where they come from, the burdens they carry on and off the battlefield, the unique burdens their families shoulder, particularly while they are deployed, and the issues they face when it’s time to come home and take off the uniform. The journey will also demonstrate the vast contributions these veterans and their families have made and continue to make to the nation in their civilian communities.

Johnny Vet: Freedom Isn’t Free will entertain and inform Americans, who benefit from the selfless service and sacrifice of the less than 1% who serve in uniform. Not only do we, as a nation, owe it to these veterans and their families to provide the support some need to become fully functional again, but we owe it to ourselves and to our nation to cherish them as the national treasure that they are.

Johnny Vet: Freedom Isn’t Free is a production of Opus One Studios and has been funded in part by The Billy Rose Foundation. It benefits the work of Code of Support Foundation (COSF), which, through its programs, provides critical one-on-one assistance to service members, veterans and their families who are struggling with their transition into our civilian communities.

If you'd like to help with this production, they are seeking volunteers ASAP with uniforms for the following conflicts: WWI, WWII, Vietnam and Global War on Terror.

Volunteers must have their own uniform. Volunteers selected for this show will have their names credited. No financial payment will be provided.

If you are interested, please contact Terry Ryan USMA ‘65, Vice President, West Point Alumni Club at 703-973-8731 or

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