Since the beginning of recorded history, music has been a part of nearly every culture past and present. Music is a tool of communication that speaks to our humanity. Think of the ways you incorporate music in your life. From entertainment to worship, exercise to relaxation, during somber times, and in celebration, people seek music.

Like any military maneuver, music performance requires individual excellence in a synchronized effort that requires discipline to achieve the desired goal. If you don't think so, consider listening to the National Anthem played by an ensemble in which some of the members make several mistakes!

Wreaths Across America knows our military musicians bring a great deal "to the fight" and we're honored to provide a platform for the various performance groups from all branches of our armed forces. The Military Musicians Showcase features the music, historical background information, and story profiles on the performers. The companion blog posts will include links to their websites and information on their public concerts throughout the country.

Military musicians are among the finest players and vocalists in the world representing every musical genre from baroque to blues, country to classical, jazz to rock. They are exemplary ambassadors for the service branch they represent instilling patriotism, pride, and respect using music; the one language all people understand without uttering a word.

The Military Musicians Showcase airs on Wreaths Across America Radio Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 AM to Noon, Eastern.



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