Growth is a challenge almost any nonprofit in the country would love to face. Our expansion is the result of the power of the veterans' remembrance wreath sweeping across the country. At Wreaths Across America, we're learning from and listening to the impressive volunteer force that makes it possible for us to remember our fallen, honor those who serve and teach younger generations the value of freedom.

To better serve our volunteers in 2018 and beyond, we're reorganizing and providing more tools to support their inspiring efforts.

Most importantly, we'd like you to meet the people on the other end of those emails, texts, and phone calls. These Wreaths Across America employees have dedicated themselves to the mission and its development throughout the country.

"As a Fundraising Group and Location Liaison, my goal is to help grow the mission of Wreaths of Across America in my region.  I am here to help with everything from filling out forms, to editing pages and explaining the duties of the group leaders and coordinators all while hopefully building a long-lasting relationship.  I take this job very seriously because I have seen the impact Wreaths Across America has and what it means to so many. 

I am from a large family of veterans and have always been very patriotic.  I think the greatest influence on me was my grandmother who was one of the first Troop Greeters at Bangor International Airport.  In fact, she was there at BIA to greet my future husband when he returned home from Desert Storm.  She loved thanking all the men and women for their service to our country.  I think she would be proud that I am working at Wreaths Across America and honoring our veterans."-Missy Ramsdell.

"I joined Wreaths Across America in August 2017 as a Customer Service Representative, and I am excited to now join the Location and Fundraising Group to become your Region 2 Liaison.

As a Regional Liaison, I am looking forward to getting to know all of the dedicated volunteers and working with the Volunteer Location Coordinators and the Fundraising Groups to continue to share the mission of Remember, Honor and Teach."-Tiffany Strout

"I have been at Wreaths Across America for two years, it has been one of the most amazing experiences to work here and get to talk to and form relationships with all of the wonderful location and group leaders. I look forward to making every year better and reaching our goal someday to adorn all veterans graves in the U.S. with a wreath."-Rachel Worcester

"As the Location & Fundraising Supervisor my role is to primarily provide support and guidance to each of the Regional Liaisons when needed; this great group of ladies is here to be the first point of contact with WAA HQ for Location Coordinators and Fundraising Group Leaders.

Most of you know me as the former Fundraising Group Coordinator at HQ, however with the phenomenal growth we have experienced I am happy to step up to this new position and provide the Regional Liaisons with the knowledge I have collected over my 11 years with the organization.

Though I am no longer the primary point of contact for the groups (or locations) I am always happy to hear from our fabulous volunteers, (our “boots on the ground” as we say)…we would not be here without YOU!"-Marcy Beardsley

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