Denny Hart is known as a "veteran's veteran" giving the same kindness and camaraderie he was shown during his years of military service.  Denny is a retired U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps Warrant Officer.

Denny shares one of the highlights of his military career was an assignment with the Military District of Washington at Fort Myer, Virginia. His primary responsibility was supporting the 3d United States Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard).

"I continue to have fond memories of the Soldiers serving at the Tomb of the Unknown, and the military funerals."

Today, Denny volunteers his time as an advocate for veterans.

"For twenty-two-and-a-half years while I was in the military, many, many organizations helped me," Denny explains. "As a young soldier, there were times when I needed help and people reached out to me, and that made an impression on me. I figured I was the recipient of other people's volunteerism and it was time for me to do likewise."

Denny is a member of the American Legion, the Association of the United States Army, and the United States Army Warrant Officer's Association. He has authored two books about veterans: A Soldier's Exposition-A Veteran with Wounds That Do Not Bleed and A Soldier's Anthology-Heroes Amongst Us, Story-Telling by America's Veterans.

Denny's first involvement with Wreaths Across America was in 2015, the same year he became a member of the Camp Nelson Honor Guard. That year, Denny had the privilege of placing a ceremonial wreath to honor the POW/MIA of the nation at the Camp Nelson National Cemetery. It was also that year when Denny met Ella; a four-and-a-half-year-old patriot who decided Denny needed a backup for this awesome responsibility to remember and pay tribute.

"There I was in my dress greens getting ready to place the wreath," Denny recalls.  "Unnoticed to me at the time, a little girl had broken away from her mother and grandmother and zoomed up right next to me. I looked down and asked her name, and she said, 'Ella.' I said, 'well Ella do you want to go back to your Mother and Grandmother?' and she said, 'no.'  I said to myself, 'well alrighty then' and resolved myself I was going to have a helper."

Ella latched onto Denny's jacket and walked with him to a designated point where he asked her to wait as he placed the wreath. She did so dutifully, and she took hold of Denny's jacket once again as they returned to their place in the ceremony.

Once finished, Denny met the family and learned Ella was there to place a wreath on her grandfather's grave. He accompanied the family with Ella leading the way to the site. She stopped suddenly and said, "I don't know what I'm doing." Denny replied, "Well Ella since you helped me, let me help you." Complete strangers just moments before, together, Denny and Ella read the name on her grandfather's headstone and talked some about him while laying his wreath.

Denny says last year they had a reunion when Ella sought him out again.

This year, Denny has stepped up as a Group Leader to help promote wreath sponsorships for the Camp Nelson National Cemetery. His son has volunteered his time and expertise to create and host a website to support the effort to remember and honor 15,000 veterans laid to rest there on national wreath day, Saturday, December 15, 2018.

Just as Wreaths Across America's Chairman of the Board of Directors Wayne Hanson made it a goal to cover all of Arlington National Cemetery, Denny sounds the challenge in Kentucky.

"I see Arlington as our flagship cemetery. When I saw Wayne's video, I also decided not on my watch," explains Denny. "I'm not going to be placing a wreath and at the end have someone say, 'what about my son, or what about my daughter?' I might not be successful in getting 15-thousand wreaths this year but, I will know Denny Hart did the best he could."

Denny invites you to visit their website to learn more about the history of Camp Nelson National Cemetery and sponsor a wreath to honor one of the fallen laid to rest there.

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